Good jobs, strong schools, affordable health care, better and safer roads, a pristine coast and a strong rainy day fund – that’s a lot – but these are the issues that Senator Mike McGuire is relentlessly focused on every day.

To be sure, as our state senator, Mike is a bulldog when it comes to stopping President Trump from undoing years of economic and environmental progress here in California. He is going to the mat to stop new offshore oil drilling, prevent the sell-off of our national parks to the highest bidder and keep 3.8 million Californians from losing their health care.

But Mike knows he must do more than just fight to stop terrible things from happening – it’s his job to stay focused and move our district forward on the hundreds of other issues that will keep Northern California families and small businesses thriving.

That’s why Mike secured $900 million for career training, job skills and Future Farmers of America programs in local middle schools and high schools – so that kids who won’t go to college can still get family-sustaining jobs.

Mike cut through red tape to make sure tens of thousands of Northern California’s neediest kids have access to nutritious food at school. He’s leading the way in tackling the homeless crisis in many of our communities by bringing in millions in funding for permanent housing, mental health and addiction services.

He led the charge when disaster struck and thousands of our neighbors were left homeless by some of the worst wildfires in our state’s history. His tireless work continues with the building of dozens of new homes in Lake County along with investing in vital community improvement projects with over $100 million for recovery and rebuilding.

Mike worked with agency leaders to secure more than $250 million to fix crumbling roads, highways, bridges and public transit in our district. These projects are making our roads safer, smoother and less congested. More is on the way in the years to come.

And, working with hundreds of our neighbors throughout Northern California and Assemblymember Jim Wood, Mike passed the most comprehensive cannabis regulation legislation in the nation – two decades after Proposition 215 legalized medical marijuana.

Mike is a third-generation Northern Californian, whose family farmed prunes and grapes in the Alexander Valley for nearly a half century. He and his wife Erika, a local elementary school principal, live in Healdsburg.

Raised by his mom and grandma, Mike worked his way through high school and college – attending Santa Rosa Junior College and graduating from Sonoma State University – and enjoyed a career in the radio and television industries.

He started serving as a school board member when he was 19 because he insisted on rebuilding dilapidated schools in his hometown. He went on to serve as a council member and mayor of Healdsburg and a Sonoma County supervisor. Mike was elected to the State Senate in 2014.

Mike learned from his mom and grandma that every person is worth fighting for.

Take Kathy, a teacher who retired in June of 2006 on the early incentive program. Kathy returned to work for one day to assist a former colleague, receiving $98 in pay. Eight years later, the state claimed Kathy had violated the conditions of her early retirement incentive, sent her a bill for $21,482.51 and docked her retirement benefits by $3,053.40 per year. As a newly elected state senator, Mike got involved, got the bureaucracy to pay attention and got the decision rescinded.

Whether he’s standing up to the President of the United States or standing up for Kathy, Senator Mike McGuire will always stand strong for our priorities and values.

On June 5, vote Mike McGuire for State Senate.

Mike McGuire Headshot